Newton County Points of Interest


Newton County has a rich and interesting history.  These are a few of the more well known Points of Interest that can be found in Newton County.  Newton County also has many historical markers in the area and many historic buildings in downtown Covington, making it a destination for tourism, learning, and a popular location for film makers.

Brick Store


Brick Store which is located east of Covington at the intersection of Hwy 278 and Old Social Circle Road is the oldest brick structure in Newton County. It was donated to the Historical Society in 1971 by Charles M. Jordan and much of the Society’s efforts have been focused on the restoration and preservation of this building since that time. 


It served as a general store as well as a stagecoach stop on a busy route. The first session of  Superior Court for the county was held there. It functioned as a store until 1935.


Salem Campgroud


Salem Campground dates to 1828. Its open air tabernacle, erected in 1854, is listed on the National Building Survey of 1936 as one of the historic buildings of America.  The Salem Spring was a good source of water for worshipers and still provides over 30 gallons of 65 degree water per minute.  There are over twenty “tents” or cottages on the property and a hotel was built in 1940 to house additional visitors.


Every Methodist Bishop to serve the North Georgia Conference as well as  many other Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian ministers have preached here.


Burge Farm


Burge Farm has operated as a farm in the Mansfield area of Newton County since 1809.


It has been owned and operated by seven generations of the same family and currently functions as farm, private hunt club and a venue for weddings and other events. Its history was captured in the diary of early owner Dolly Lunt Burge.


Visit the Burge Farm website to learn more.


Gaither Plantation


Gaither Plantation is the remaining portion of a large farm and includes the 1850’s farmhouse. Harris Springs Primitive Baptist church was moved to the property in 2004.


It was purchased by Newton County in 1996 as part of the land for the Bear Creek Reservoir. It can be rented for private functions and operates as a educational experience in agriculture of the time.


Factory Shoals


Factory Shoals was the site of a bustling manufacturing community at the time of the Civil War.  The mills located there used the water power of the Alcovy River to produce a variety of products.


It is now a county park with recreation facilities but remains of the mills and mill runs are still evident on the property.